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We say: "Look how you began the series! " If he answered, pointing to the series, 51. " I think the first-time reader should jump over these rich and interesting sections, in the interest of not obscuring the woods for the trees. Page 35 that he did go on in the same way, it would be of no use to repeat the old examples and explanations. Here we might speak of an abnormal reaction to our instruction. Compare reacting to a pointing gesture by looking from finger tip to wrist. 39 of 203 10/13/2010 11:09 PM file:///home/gyuri/downloads/elozoek/zips/brenner/...

2128; BB, pp. 48, 5759, 6364, 71; PI, secs. 24, 402403. Essay II: xxxii, 15. I discuss Locke's so-called "inverted spectrum problem" in connection with PI, secs. 273274. 42. If its aim were to produce such answers, then philosophical investigation would be a trivial pursuit. That is not its aim, however. See PI, sec. 128. 43. From the "Early Investigations" quoted in Stern, op. , p. 103. Cf. WLA, p. 69 (quoted below on p. 87). Z, sec. 452. Cf. Norman Malcolm, Problems of Mind, preface. 36 of 203 10/13/2010 11:09 PM file:///home/gyuri/downloads/elozoek/zips/brenner/...

43 What, then, is the goal of philosophical investigation and how will we know when we have reached it? A philosophical investigation is an activity of conceptual clarification provoked by a philosophical problem. It aims at complete clarity and is satisfied only when the philosophical problem disappears completely. Answering the question or solving the problem is not its goal. " Doesn't everyone know what a proposition is? Then how is this knowledge to be expressed, if not in a formula? It is to be expressed by giving examples of various kinds of propositions, showing how other kinds can be 40.

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