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The nice problem for subsequent years in regards to the emission of diesel engines is to increase diesel particle filters (DPF) with catalytic regeneration platforms. This paintings is concentrated at the worldwide realizing of the diesel soot oxidation on sintered steel filters (SMF) Platinum is studied as reference catalyst. the 1st goal is to figure out which of platinum volume, platinum particle dimension, or platinum position shows the preponderant impact at the catalytic.

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20). 1. 22. For the PG model, the parameter m was included in the constant k0 . The two models are compared with the isotherm experimental curve at T = 500°C. 5. 1. Unlike the PRO model, the PG model can describe the experiment on the entire conversion range. For isothermal experiments, it seems also that the PG model is the most adapted one. 96 respectively, which is consistent with the literature [15, 43–46]. 3 Kinetic analysis of a single ramp experiment To determine the four kinetic parameters of the conversion rate kinetic law (k0 , Ea , nO2 and f (X)) with isothermal experiments, at least five isotherms are needed (three points for the Arrhenius plot and three points to determine the dependence on the oxygen partial pressure).

6). 7). 8. For a black body, the absorptivity α - and consequently the emissivity - are equal to 1 for all wavelengths. In reality, black bodies do not exist and the objects are called gray bodies, having emissivity comprised between 0 and 1. It will be assumed that all gray bodies of this work are diffusive. This means that the emissivity is independent of the wavelength. 9: Contribution of radiations emitted by the filter surface, reactor chamber and window on the radiation measured by the infrared camera The infrared camera measures the incident radiation, Φcam on its detectors.

6: Comparison of the Slovak, PRO and PG model to the experimental oxidation of PrintexU soot for a temperature ramp (10 K/min, 20% O2 ) The Slovak model does not permit to calculate separately the pre-exponential factor k0 and the reaction order in oxygen nO2 , but it allows calculating the energy of activation, and the pseudo reaction order in carbon from one ramp experiment. Ea and k0 were found to be comparable with the ones obtained with the two isothermal models. Therefore, the Slovak method can be used to calculate the activation energy Ea , the pseudo reaction order m (assuming a PRO model) and the pseudo preexponential factor k0 .

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