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By Michael E. Fleet

content material: 1. advent --
2. Apatite-type constitution --
three. Crystal chemistry and geochemistry --
four. Synthesis of carbonate apatites --
five. X-ray constructions --
6. Chemical spectroscopy --
7. Carbonate apatite crystal chemistry --
eight. organic apatites.

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Change in unit-cell volume relative to HAP and FAP; 4. 32 Ca4 Pb6 (PO4 )6 (OH)2 with Pb2+ filling A(2) and Ca2+ A(1). The formulae of tin sulfate apatites K6 Sn4 (SO4 )6 Cl2 and K6 Sn4 (SO4 )6 Br2 suggest a contradiction to these partitioning trends but, in fact, structure analyses shows that four of the six large K+ cations fill A(1) and two K+ and the four soft Sn2+ cations occupy A(2). In rare earth-bearing calcium apatites, the Ca(2) site preference tends to be high for La3+ and thereafter decreases progressively through the 4 f lanthanoid series.

97 . 67 About 5 g of a CHAP prepared previously by aqueous precipitation was heated in a porcelain boat in a mullite tube at 900 to 950◦ C for 4 hours under a wet carbon dioxide atmosphere. The product was allowed to cool under the gas stream, ground in an agate mortar, and dried overnight at 110◦ C. 3 mol/L triammonium citrate solution at 50◦ C. 85 used two different procedures to trap acetate ions in the crystal lattice of type B CHAP for electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) study. 48 M. 013 M calcium acetate solution.

Instead, LM005 yielded a completely dry CHAP product,18 but this is arguably the most important of all of the UWO CHAP preparations.

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