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Canada (Modern global international locations) КНИГИ ; КУЛЬТУРА и ИСКУССТВО Автор: Kristi L. DesaulniersНазвание: Canada (Modern global Nations)Издательство: Chelsea condo PublicationsГод: 2002Формат: pdfРазмер: 5,6 mb Information-packed volumes offer finished overviews of every nation's humans, geography, heritage, executive, economic system, and tradition- plentiful full-color illustrations consultant the reader on a voyage of discovery- Maps mirror present political obstacles http://.com/files/9vmlxg7bz eighty five

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Champlain hoped that passing on the strong Catholic influence would be accomplished by missionary work with the Native People. However, the Native People already had their own strong beliefs and did not always welcome the efforts of the missionaries. As a third effort, Champlain wanted to further develop fur trade with the native populations. The expanse of Champlain’s dream of a fur-trading empire would come true beyond his imagination! French explorers, trappers, and traders journeyed west across the Canadian prairies, paddled north to Hudson Bay, and ventured south to the Gulf of Mexico.

French, British, and Aboriginal origins comprise approximately three-fifths of the country’s population. The ethnicity and nationality of Canada is represented in the remaining two-fifths of the population. ” Ethnicity is a bit more difficult to define. It refers to a group of people living as a minority population within a larger culture. An example of this is the ethnic area known as “Little Italy” in Toronto. In 1971, Canada became the first country in the world to adopt a policy of multiculturalism.

The concentrated search for furs also took the French into the Great Lakes region and south along the Mississippi River into land that would later become part of the United States. Jesuit missionaries sought to convert the Huron and other native populations to Roman Catholicism, the religion of the French, just as Champlain had hoped. The French believed that by establishing Roman Catholicism among the native populations their relationships with the Huron and their trading partners would be unified and further strengthened.

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