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By I. E. S. Edwards, C. J. Gadd, N. G. L. Hammond

The current quantity starts with an account of what's recognized in regards to the remotest geological a while and includes chapters at the other kinds of facts pertaining to guy and his actual surroundings as much as the top of the Predynastic interval in Egypt and the parallel levels of improvement in Mesopotamia, Persia, Anatolia, Palestine, Cyprus, Greece and the Islands. to track the historical past of those very early occasions it can be crucial to count mainly on fabric continues to be, considering that writing had now not then been invented. The textual content bargains a surroundings opposed to which the cultural development of the old epoch could be considered. Archaeological research should be anticipated to deliver to mild extra facts to fill the various current gaps in our wisdom, yet already it's transparent that the gulf among old and prehistorical occasions in a lot of the traditional global is narrower than used to be intended.

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Marine sands, clays and limestones attributed to the lowest Pleistocene are found in the island of Rhodes up to 300 m. above present sea level and rest on beds of the Levantine fresh-water lakes. Similar relations are known from Cos and the Cyclades and it is evident that subsidence of the Aegean was permitting ingress of Mediterranean waters. Recent vulcanicity in the Aegean is concentrated along a curved line that runs from Aegina, Methana and Poros in the Saronic Gulf, through Melos and Thera (Santorin) to Nisgros in the Dodecanese.

In the Carpathians it begins in the Lower Cretaceous, elsewhere usually in the Upper Cretaceous, but in some areas not till Eocene times. Flysch deposition is now associated with the uprise of individual fold belts within the geosyncline. Material eroded from the rising ranges is rapidly deposited at a great variety of depths without ever having been sorted by stream or wave action. Much of it has been deposited from great submarine mud-flows or 'turbidity currents' on the steepening geosynclinal slopes.

The Balkan Mountains generally carry extensive remnants of base-levelled surfaces uplifted to summit levels, as the descriptions of the Belashitza Planina and other Macedonian mountain blocks by Ogilvie2 well exemplify. Even the isolated Mount Olympus reveals the contrast of forms, between the old subdued surface of the summit and the steep flanking slopes due to Plio-Pleistocene rejuvenation, that is widespread from the Adriatic to the Levant. Nor is the evidence confined to form. In the limestone Alps of Austria well-known siliceous gravels {Augensteine) occur at high levels: they have been derived from the Tauern Mountains by rivers that flowed northward across the line of what is now the great trench of the Enns and the Salzach.

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