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By Mary Whitby

Those essays survey the variety of historic assets from the peoples who collided with the Byzantine Empire in this interval of dramatic upheaval. they offer an outline of this frequently tricky fabric, and supply special bibliographies. Latin, Arabic, Jewish, Slavonic, Georgian, Armenian and Syriac assets are all mentioned.

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Much later, in 1191, the crusaders were to take control of Cyprus, a Byzantine province where a few years earlier a member of the imperial family, Isaac Doukas Komnenos, had seized power in defiance of the authorities in Constantinople. But even those areas further south that came under crusader rule and that had not been in Byzantine hands since the Arab conquests of the seventh century contained a substantial Orthodox population. Traditionally the emperors had posed as protectors of the Christian communities in the Holy Land, and so, for instance, in the mid-eleventh century Constantine IX Monomachos had contributed to the rebuilding of the Holy Sepulchre.

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