Download Both Sides Of The Border: A Texas Folklore Sampler by Francis Edward Abernethy, Kenneth L. Untiedt PDF

By Francis Edward Abernethy, Kenneth L. Untiedt

Texas has a wide inhabitants who has lived on each side of the border and created a folkloric combine that makes Texas special. each side of the Border will get its identify from its emphasis on lately researched Tex-Mex folklore. yet we realize that Texas has different borders in addition to the Rio Grande. We use that identify with the folklorist's wisdom that each one of this state's songs, stories, and traditions have lived and prospered at the different facets of Texas borders at one time or one other earlier than they crossed the rivers and grew to become "ours." Chapters are equipped thematically and comprise favourite storytellers like James Ward Lee, Thad Sitton, and Jerry Lincecum. Lee's loved "Hell is for He-Men" appears to be like the following, in addition to Sitton's informative essay on Texas freedmen's settlements. either side of the Border comprises anything to please each person drawn to Texas folklore.

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