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On December 19, late at night, a gang of armed Bengalis raided the locality and machine-gunned my husband. My world was shattered when I saw his dead body. People in the entire neighbourhood cried because he was popular and had looked after the safety of the neighbours with immense courage................. "On December 21, a posse of Mukti Bahini soldiers and some thugs rode into our locality with blazing guns and ordered us to leave our house as, according to them, no Bihari could own a house in Bangladesh.

I had saved seme money and bought a small plot of land in this locality. I had erected a hut because I could not just then afford to build a pucca house. My wife, my o-ycar-old son and I lived in it Our relations with our Bengali neighbours were friendly. Since the first week of March, an element of tension had crept in because of iiiflammatory harangues by Awami League demagogues and there were rumours that there would be a carnage of non-Bengalis................ "On March 17, when I was away from my hut on duty in die factory, a large killer gang of Awami League thugs attacked the non-Bengali huts in.

They did not spare anything of value. My 16-year-old son had climbed an umbrageous tree and the raiders did not detect him................. "But in the last week of December 1971, he was killed by the Mukti Bahini. " Saira Khatoon, 35, who lived in Mirpur in Dacca, gave this account of the murder of her husband, Abdul Hamid, in die March 1971 carnage of non-Bengalis in Dacca: "My husband left our home in Mirpur on March 25 to go to a meeting in the city. On the way the Bengali rebels waylaid Iiim and murdered him.

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