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By Kevin M. Bailey

Alaska pollock is all over. If you’re consuming fish yet you don’t be aware of what sort it's, it’s in all probability pollock. Prized for its known fish style, pollock masquerades as crab meat in california rolls and seafood salads, and it feeds hundreds of thousands as fish sticks in class cafeterias and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches at McDonald’s. That ubiquity has made pollock the main profitable fish harvest in America—the fishery within the usa on my own has an annual worth of over 1000000000 funds. yet at the same time the cash rolls in, pollock is in difficulty: within the previous couple of years, the pollock inhabitants has declined via greater than part, and a few scientists are predicting the fishery’s eventual collapse.
In Billion-Dollar Fish, Kevin M. Bailey combines his years of firsthand pollock learn with a extraordinary expertise for storytelling to provide the 1st typical historical past of Alaska pollock. the most important to figuring out the pollock fishery, he indicates, is spotting what points of its typical historical past make pollock so very fascinating to fish, whereas whilst making it resilient, but hugely prone to overfishing. Bailey delves into the technological know-how, politics, and economics surrounding Alaska pollock within the Bering Sea, detailing the improvement of the fishery, many of the political machinations that experience ended in its present administration, and, maybe most crucial, its coming near near dying. He ways his topic from a number of angles, bringing within the views of fishermen, politicians, environmentalists, and biologists, and drawing on revealing interviews with gamers who variety from Greenpeace activists to fishing lawyers.
Seamlessly weaving the biology and ecology of pollock with the historical past and politics of the fishery, in addition to Bailey’s personal usually raucous stories approximately existence at sea, Billion-Dollar Fish is a booklet for everyone drawn to the afflicted dating among fish and people, from the depths of the ocean to the dinner plate.

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Billion-Dollar Fish: The Untold Story of Alaska Pollock

Alaska pollock is in every single place. If you’re consuming fish yet you don’t comprehend what sort it really is, it’s possibly pollock. Prized for its normal fish style, pollock masquerades as crab meat in california rolls and seafood salads, and it feeds hundreds of thousands as fish sticks in class cafeterias and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches at McDonald’s.

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Fishermen from introduction / 23 Galicia took cod from the Grand Banks of eastern Canada even before the time of Columbus, and the Vikings were there before them. Politics and social pressures have made it difficult to stop such deeply ingrained tradition. ²⁸ By contrast, the commercial pollock fishery is only thirty or forty years old in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. While cod and sardine fishermen reminisce about what happened years ago, pollock fishermen are riding the roller coaster of this natural population’s ebbs and flows right now.

E tradition of replenishment of depleted stocks has continued with salmon hatcheries, and the effort to enhance other stocks continues to the present day. In some cases, marine enhancement has been relatively successful—for example, that of Japanese flounder, but the effect of such enhancement on natural populations is unknown. Managing fisheries by regulating harvests is a relatively new con- a historical background / 41 cept. When it became obvious that marine enhancement was not working, another approach was needed.

Onboard the warship, General Douglas MacArthur and representatives of the Allied Powers and Japanese government signed the document ending World War II with the surrender of Japan. A er the great devastation of the war, General MacArthur and the Supreme Commander of Allied Powers (SCAP) had arrived in Japan to find a massive food crisis. Japan’s economy had deteriorated in the last two years of war. Cities were bombed out, harvests were poor, and the food distribution network was disrupted. e infrastructure of the country had been broken and their great fishing fleet was all but destroyed.

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