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By Scott Rae, Kenman L. Wong

I needed to learn this e-book for my company Ethics type and the tales are a great size and positively makes you're thinking that! particularly if you convey it in to dialogue in school. i actually loved this ebook!

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Beyond Integrity: A Judeo-Christian Approach to Business Ethics

I needed to learn this e-book for my enterprise Ethics type and the tales are a very good size and certainly makes you're thinking that! in particular should you convey it in to dialogue at school. i actually loved this publication!

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I’ve sold two companies; I’ve gone public myself and have done all kinds of dealings, so I’m not a babe in the woods, OK? But I can’t think of one situation where people took advantage of me. ” One reason treachery doesn’t swamp us is that people rationalize constancy by exaggerating its economic value. “Costs have been going up, and it will cost me a million dollars to complete this job. ” “If I sell this chemical at an extortionate price when there is a shortage, I will make a killing. ” Just as those who trust find reasons for the risks they want to run, those who are called on to keep a difficult promise cast around for justification even when the hard numbers point the other way.

Projects that require the integrity and ability of a large team and are subject to many market and technological risks can nonetheless attract enthusiastic support. Optimists focus more on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow than on their ability to find and punish the guilty in case a failure occurs. Our tolerance for broken promises encourages risk taking. Absent the fear of debtors’ prison and the stigma of bankruptcy, entrepreneurs readily borrow the funds they need to grow. Tolerance also allows resources to move out of enterprises that have outlived their functions.

37 “Retaliation is a double loss. ” We would be guilty of gross exaggeration if we claimed that honesty has no value or that treachery is never punished. Trustworthy behavior does provide protection against the loss of power and against invisible sniping. But these protections are intangible, and their dollars-and-cents value does not make a compelling case for trustworthiness. A good track record can protect against the loss of power. What if you stop being a winning coach or your software doesn’t sell anymore?

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