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By Eduardo Duarte (auth.), Eduardo M. Duarte (eds.)

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Is an attempt to evoke a wonder about the fact that there ‘is’ something rather than ‘nothing’ and, simultaneously, that there ‘will be’ and there is ‘not yet’. Heidegger’s emphasis on the historicity or temporality of human experience attempts to offer a new ontology, or doctrine of Being; one that is capable of expressing Being as a processural unfolding. The ‘new’ task of philosophy, if it is to overcome its tradition, metaphysics, is to think this process. But ‘thinking’ here must not be understood in cognitive terms, but, rather, as a matter of ‘comportment’, as an existential posture, as a way of being-in-the-world.

The news silences us, and we find ourselves quiescent: at rest, still, inert, dormant; tranquil, calm, free from anxiety, agitation, or emotion. When we heed the saying of the said, ‘Nothing,’ we find ourselves caught and released by the tidings from the Tide. Here, then, a second aspect of the claim we receive from the news of our relationship with the Nothing: it catches and release us. It claims us in a still more direct way. Here the claim is not simply a message, but an assertion that reveals an affirmation of this relationship.

9–10. ibid, p. 18. CHAPTER 1 EVOCATIVE QUESTIONING “Every questioning is a seeking. ”1 At the end of the Introduction we arrived at the point where Learning, the circumturning towards Being’s presencing, was understood to be enlisted or brought about by a peculiar kind of communicative performance. Teaching, which enlists this turning towards Being, (attentiveness, attunement), receives the ‘poetic’. In this section we must delve further into the meaning of this ‘turning around,’ and try to understand precisely why ‘poetic’ is the proper name of the communicative performance that enlists learning.

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