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By Charles E Butterworth

Charles E. Butterworth presents a bilingual variation (Arabic and English) of a number of of this influential twelfth-century philosopher's maximum works.

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49 Although it was never given, the obvious reason for such a goal had to be that knowledge of the essentials of those other, already perfected, arts was somehow important. In the introduction, the only example of already perfected arts cited by Averroës was medicine. , dialectical theology, traditional theology, and traditional jurisprudence. Even though he explicitly cited the art of medicine in the introduction, he made no attempt to correct it in the course of the larger exposition. Conversely, in the course of the larger exposition he did try to correct those other arts which he had not previously cited in an explicit manner.

Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. Aristoteles. Organon. 2. LogicEarly works to 1800. I. Butterworth, Charles E. II. Title. III. Series. A35B87 160 75-4900 ISBN 0-87395-208-1 Page v To My Wife Page vii Preface There was a time when Dante could be certain that even an oblique reference to Averroës would be immediately understood by any of his readers. Indeed, over the course of several centuries, fierce debate raged around the philosophy of Averroës: he was either extolled as the foremost interpreter of Aristotle or vilified as the gravest menace to Christian faith.

86a-b). Unfortunately, most of folio 86b is missing, but its content can be reconstructed from the Paris manuscript, as well as from the Hebrew and Latin translations. Some damage has occurred to the manuscript, but it is still quite legible. The first line of the first folio has been somewhat obliterated. In addition, the upper corners of many folios, from folio 63 to the end of the manuscript, have fallen off; as a consequence, portions of the first few lines are sometimes missing. These page corners must have fallen off fairly recently, for Lasinio's copy of the Short Commentary on Aristotle's Poetics from the Munich manuscript contains readings which can no longer be found due to those missing corners.

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