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By Ch. Baerlocher

Zeolite scientists, whether or not they are operating in synthesis, catalysis, characterization or program improvement, use the Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types as a reference. It describes the most good points of all the proven zeolite framework buildings, and provides references to the proper fundamental structural literature. because the final variation 34 extra framwork varieties were authorized and are defined during this new version. a different new characteristic might be that attribute construction devices could be indexed for every of the framework types.
Zeolites and their analogs are used as desiccants, as water softeners, as shape-selective acid catalysts, as molecular sieves, as concentrators of radioactive isotopes, as blood clotting brokers, or even as ingredients to animal feeds. lately, their suitability as hosts for nanometer spacing of atomic clusters has additionally been established. those assorted purposes are a mirrored image of the attention-grabbing constructions of those microporous fabrics. every time a new zeolite framework constitution is suggested, it really is tested through the constitution fee of the foreign Zeolite organization (IZA-SC), and whether it is came across to be distinctive and to comply to the IZA-SC's definition of a zeolite, it's assigned a 3-letter framework kind code. This code is a part of the respectable IUPAC nomenclature for microporous fabrics. The Atlas of Zeolite Framework kinds is largely a compilation of knowledge for every of those proven framework varieties. those info contain a stereo drawing exhibiting the framework connectivity, positive factors that represent the idealized framework constitution, a listing of fabrics with this framework sort, details at the variety fabric that used to be used to set up the framework variety, and stereo drawings of the pore openings of the kind fabric.

* transparent stereo drawings of every of the framework types
* Description of the good points of the framework variety, permitting readers to quick see if the framework sort is acceptable to their needs
* References to isotypic fabrics, readers can fast establish similar fabrics and seek advice the best reference

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