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This atlas is a entire consultant to the remedy and correction of scars. it's divided into 4 sections overlaying the differing kinds of scar: atrophic and stretch marks, keloid and hypertrophic, normotrophic, and combined. for every scar variety, many of the invasive and minimally invasive approaches and their effects are documented using a number of top quality images. within the part on keloid and hypertrophic scars, remedy is gifted in accordance with scar localization. moreover, the effect of etiology on remedy is taken into account, with contrast among scars as a result of accidents, animal bites, inflammatory illnesses (including pimples and varicella), and burns. Care is taken to tell apart among techniques appropriate for clean scars (in the irritation, proliferation, and maturation stages) and people applicable for scars current for a couple of 12 months. capability adversarial results and problems of remedy also are explored.​

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Fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm may be injected into the recess. Fillers of excipients are absorbed afterward, and in their place collagen is synthesized (Fig. 58). My useful hint: In view of the low dose and the short effective period of anesthesia, it is not to be injected directly into all scars at once. It is more efficient to finish the procedure with one scar and then switch to another. It is more convenient to operate the needle with 1–2 ml cold saline solution; rinsing with saline solution debrides the wound and facilitates needle tunneling.

Peeling, dermabrasion, and electrophoresis are not to be performed after filler injections as these procedures may boost destruction of biodegradable filler and induce their complete resorption in the shortest timeframe. 1 Atrophic Scars 49 Old postacne ice-pick scars and postchickenpox scars practically do not respond to this correction method. That is why by the time the scar fully matures, that is, scars are over 1 year old, bridles are formed in the scar bottom area, fixing it in the derma (Fig.

1 Atrophic Scars Microdermabrasion a b c Fig. 42 Scheme of dermabrasion conduct. (a) Pretherapy. (b) Microdermabrasion. (c) After set of procedures When correcting old scars (over 1 year old), microdermabrasion evens the scar edges, thus blurring the line between scar and normal skin (Fig. 42a, b). On collagen synthesis in the dermis microdermabrasion not affected, but a prerequisite for the synthetic activity of fibroblasts. Repeated microdermabrasion produces a good result in isolated scars with scar dimensions being relatively commensurate (Fig.

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