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""All the secrets and techniques of the area were published 'as they are'. enable all lack of know-how go away. enable all of the phrases stream as they're. humans will proceed asking questions and new insights can be printed from the solutions. All that's spoken the following will probably be revealed as new scriptures. Thereafter, genuine wisdom could be validated inside of people as they extract the final word which means of those phrases. In those Aptavanis, the event of the Self has been said. That encompasses all.Niruben has now not permit unmarried notice of mine move off course. She has amassed the entire phrases during this tape recorder. That assortment is the technological know-how of The Self, that's being talented to the area for generations to return. the entire present scriptures on this planet carry the information of the Self (Gnan), while those phrases are the particular clinical adventure of The Self (Vignan). This technological know-how is spontaneously lively and effects are instantly obvious. Moksha, liberation is the direct experiential results of this science.Glory To The Lord Who Has Manifested inside of Gnani Purush, Ambalal Muljibhai Patel ~Dadashri"

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They have no choice but endure pain and suffering. Hell is life imprisonment. The celestial beings (Devaloka) enjoy life in the celestial world but under surveillance, they too cannot achieve liberation. The atmosphere there is dazzling and intoxicating. Just like the atmosphere at weddings where you can become completely lost and absorbed with your surrounding. All your senses are indulged. The food tastes great and is pleasing to the palate. You hear music that is pleasing to the ears. Your eyes are admiring the beauty of the bride and the groom.

That is the wonder of prakruti. The precision with which prakruti functions, is a wonder in itself. How far can prakruti go? There is a limit from the very beginning as to how far it can go. Even when a top is spinning, it spins within its boundary. For example, even the thoughts that come to you have a limit. When you are overcome with illusionary attachment, there is a limit to that too. Every living being has its ‘center’ in its navel. In the navel area the soul is completely free from covering by any karmic matter.

I can see in my absolute knowledge that from all of you, the donkey has the least number of lives left before liberation. ’ Intoxicated Ego And Liberation Mental burden is really intoxication of ego. The lesser the intoxication, the sooner liberation will come. Those who have intoxicated ego will never attain liberation. The attitude and feeling of ‘I know something’ is heavy intoxication; it is present even in sleep. Only those who do not have such intoxication attain liberation. Do people read scriptures and assimilate them for the purpose of acquiring liberation or is it to increase their wandering for lifetimes to come, by increasing their intoxication?

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