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By Gustav Shpet

Gustav Shpet. Appearance and experience: Phenomenology because the primary technology and Its Problems, transl. via Thomas Nemeth. Kluwer educational Publishers, 1991. 228 Pages (Phaenomenologica, Vol. one hundred twenty)

From a Foreword via A. Haardt:
In visual appeal and experience Shpet sees phenomenology in the context of the historical past of ecu philosophy. during this approach it really is interpreted as a (preliminary) crowning glory of that culture which Shpet designates as "positive philosophy." accordingly it's a topic of a "current" which runs from historic ontology, quite Plato's dialogues, via Descartes and Leibniz, and directly to Lotze. (...)
The strange characteristic of Shpet's popularity of phenomenology lies within the undeniable fact that, at the one hand, he Husserl's flip to transcendental idealism, as offered in principles I, and but, nonetheless, he additionally interpreted transcendental phenomenology as ontology. (...)
Shpet's Husserl-interprétation ... served as an important impulse at the back of modern structural linguistics. Roman Jakobson's perception of language is decided not just via Husserl's Logical Investigations yet simply in addition via an involvement with Shpet's phenomenological and structural approach of thinking.32 Shpet himself used to be a member of the Moscow Linguistic Circle from 1920.

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Hardcover: 229 pages (228 - this pdf)
Publisher: Kluwer; 1991 variation (May 31, 1991)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0792310985
ISBN-13: 978-0792310983
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Elwes, New York: Dover Publications, 1965, vol. II, p. 13. " Die wirkliche und die scheinbare Welt, Breslau, 1882, p. 3. Certainly this is the development of Lotze's thought. Cf. his Grundzüge der Logik, Leipzig, 1883, § 92, p. 90. There is no need to speak of Hegel. It goes without saying that Schelling's idea of "identity" is of relevance here although there is already nothing new to add here. Phenomenology occupies an original place in relation to ontology in Lotze. See his Grundzüge der Metaphysik, Leipzig, 1883.

31. 32. 33. 34. 35. Alexander Haardt the Soviet Union to refer to "alternative" intellectual currents of the 1910s and '20s, which were suppressed in the Stalinist period. Cf. G. V. Pasternaka, Moscow, 1989. In his early work, The Phenomenology of Pure Music, written in 1920/21, Losev saw himself as a representative of a dialectical phenomenology. In his later works, particularly in The Dialectic of Artistic Form (1927), phenomenological descriptions form only a moment of an encompassing dialectical theory.

If we just keep in mind the "subjectivism" of such a solution, it is not hard to see that the epistemological solution to this antinomy essentially commits us to nominalism. The fact of the matter does not change regardless of whether we call our theory of knowledge psychological or transcendental. Here the nominalism of a Berkeley, a Hume or of a Mill is one with the nominalism of Kant and the neo-Kantian positivists. Nominalism leads to skeptical absurdity, as in Rickert's case with a proclamation about an ideal cognition removed as far as possible from actuality.

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