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By Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso

Clinically orientated and richly illustrated, this ebook presents whole advice at the surgical and non-surgical administration of the anterior knee discomfort syndrome and is aimed toward orthopedic surgeons, activities medication practitioners, knee experts and actual therapists.

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Etiopathogenic Bases and Therapeutic Implications According to Lysholm’s score, preoperatively 78% of the knees were catalogued as poor and 22% as fair. Postoperatively, at long-term follow-up, the results were excellent in 13 cases (68%), good in 4 (21%), fair in one (5%), and poor in one (5%). 31; range 17–76). 20; range 90–100) at the medium-term follow-up. 05; range 54–100). 6%). 5 at long-term follow-up. 3% as fair. 3% as poor. 2%) a redislocation of the patella occurred spontaneously without traumatism 7 years after surgery; until then, this knee had an excellent result (Lysholm score of 95 points).

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