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By Timothy Zahn

Angelmass, a black gap deep in house, emits "angels," small debris that render people calm, moderate, and almost incapable of mendacity. The Empyrean, human colonies within the some distance reaches of the galaxy, has found the angels and the facility they wield. All participants of Empyrean govt needs to hold an angel.The Earth-based Empire, the Pax, view the angels as an alien plot to subvert humanity. They dispatch Jereko Kosta, an blameless educational, to secret agent at the Empyrean and discover the reality approximately angels. With Chandris, a grifter who canine his steps, he enlists on an "angel-hunting" send. pack up, Kostas learns the angels could be extra risky than the Pax worry. earlier than he can react, the Pax dispatches their strongest warship to confront the Empyrean. Now, Kosta and Chandris, one of the few who recognize the reality in regards to the angels, stand among the Empyrean, the Pax, and battle.

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Kosta felt his back itching, and it took all his willpower to keep from turning around to see if there was a gun pointed at it. They reached the last bend, rounded it— And came in sight of the two police officers waiting there. There was no doubt of who they were—the Empyrean used standardized police uniforms, recognition of which had been part of Kosta's second day of training. Nor was there any doubt as to who they were after. Their eyes were pointed his direction, the amused half-smiles creasing their faces clearly meant for him.

Your angel, of course. " She stepped inside. Taking a deep breath, Kosta followed. The furnishings were similar to those of the other labs Podolak had shown him, though the room itself was much larger than any of them had been. The arrangement of the equipment, however, was strikingly different. Instead of being set out in standard rows, the worktables and stations here were arrayed in concentric circles around a chest-high cylindrical pillar rising up from the floor in the center of the room.

I'd have to say, though, that that's probably more an explanation than it is an excuse. There's really no way anyone could have anticipated the Pax having a warship that big. Certainly they never showed anything even approaching that size during the contact negotiations. " Forsythe nodded, still not happy but experienced enough to recognize a dead-end when he found himself driving down one. Finding tails to pin the blame on was standard political instinct; but Pirbazari had twenty years of Empyreal Defense Force service under his belt, and if he said they'd done all they could then they probably had.

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