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By Stephanos Matthaios, Franco Montanari, Antonios Rengakos

The quantity goals at investigating archetypes, options and contexts of the traditional philological self-discipline from a ancient, methodological and ideological point of view. It comprises 26 contributions via major students divided into 4 sections: the traditional students at paintings, the traditional grammarians on Greek language and linguistic correctness, old grammar in historic context and old grammar in interdisciplinary context.

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Facts in relation to the 'real world' of antiquity - inscriptions, historiography and criminal speeches - has ruled experiences of historical Greek and Roman slavery, even though supplying few direct bills via slaves in their subjective stories. but the resourceful fictions produced via the traditional psyche in its literature and artwork offer many representations and discussions of what it felt prefer to be a slave.

Schiller, Hegel, and Marx: State, Society, and the Aesthetic Ideal of Ancient Greece

All 3 believed that the fashionable international may be remade in response to this version, although none succeeded in his exercise. now and then Schiller looked as if it would realize the failure of the version; in his mature writing Hegel dropped the version; and Marx, as he grew older, essentially converted the version. however, focusing upong their makes an attempt and screw ups permits an evidence of sure elements of 1 of the elemental matters of present Marx stories: Marx's humanism and the connection among his past and later concept.

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1 3 . 1 04; Polyaen. Slrat. 2, exc. Jul. Cest. 1 . Paradox. incred. 1 1 ; I E. Med. 1 1 72. Syn­ on)'lnic 'lTTo ITJ i� another definition of panic: Plut. Is. Osir. 356D8; Ona�. Slrat. 5 navlKCr Kai 'lTTolas; I Theocr. 5 . 1 4-6. �ens 1 962, 299 n. 7 1 , Hector explains the fires in the Greek camp a� evidence of their intention to escape. Fleeing armies commonly employed the stratagem of lighting fires to sinlulate activity throughout the camp and thus divert the enemy from their true aim: cf. Hdt.

356D; Jos. Flav. 93 and 295; App. lib. 68; Pau\. 7-10; Polyaen. SITat. 4. 6:"TTo ahlas ollliel-\lCis: Pau\. 7; cc. Comut. deor. 27, Suid. "TT 201 Adler. \ion of military and non military panic in Borgeaud 1 988, 881 04 and Wheeler 1 988. 2; al\O 7 . 38 Scholarly Panic and the Begirming of the Rhesw 43 on military subjecu beginning with the 4th cent. Poliorcetics by Aenea� Tacticus (thi� treatise devotes a full chapter (27) to the military 1Tavela, and he thus gives the oldest certain testimony of the technicism 'panic' originating from the name of the god Pan) , or even by scholars of 'psy­ chology' like Clearchus of Soloi.

2 7 Ford 2002, 70-1 suggests that Ion's 'stock o f observation� [ . . ] conusted i n improving observation� o n the wi�dom t o b e found i n Homer's poetry' (cf. �e elogieuse' . Velardi 1 989, 31",(, makes the in­ teresting suggestion that Lycurgus, Against Ltocraks 1 02-4 i� an example of the kind of hralVos which a rhapsode might offer. �tic themes over the centuries, I would be looking not ju�t to Dio Or. 53 (cf. above p. 27), but al�o to Dio Or. �tency. � him, 'are you so besotted with (�K1ThrArtal) Homer that you concern yourself (5Icrrp lj3EIS, cf.

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