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By Jeanne D'Andrea

The Getty Museum construction re-creates an historical Roman villa at the seashores of the Pacific Ocean, the place visitors can believe that they're traveling the Villa dei Papiri sooner than it was once buried by way of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in advert seventy nine. The weather of Southern California has made it attainable to plant the gardens with dozens of herbs, vegetation, and fruit timber recognized to the Greeks and Romans. In classical instances they have been functional in addition to appealing, delivering colour, fragrance, domestic drugs, and flavorings for foods and drinks.

Martha Breen Bredemeyer, a San Francisco Bay region artist, was once encouraged to color dozen of the garden’s herbs. Her watercolor gouaches mix bright colour with the delicate delicacy of those short-lived vegetation whereas her pen-and-ink drawings proportion their wiry grace. Jeanne D’Andrea discusses twenty-one of the herbs intimately after proposing their position in delusion, medication, and residential within the creation.

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C. While Thessaly was largely tilled by serfs, Attica was made up of small estates, and their yield, or its monetary equivalent, determined the social status of the owner. During the fifth and fourth centuries agriculture became progressively more scientific with the adoption of such advanced practices as crop rotation. The vine, fig, and olive were particularly suited to the stony Greek countryside, and near Athens herbs and vegetables were cultivated in quantity. 26 In the ancient Mediterranean world the pleasures of eating varied from rural subsistence to urban gourmandizing.

For Horace the smell of garlic was a sign of vulgarity. He found it "more poisonous than hemlock," and he relates that he was made ill by eating it at the table of his wealthy patron Maecenas. Garlic in Rome was dedicated to Mars, the god of war. The Roman legions propagated the plant in conquered lands, believing that if eaten in quantity it would make them courageous in the battlefield. Aristotle found garlic to be hot, laxative, a cure for hydrophobia and a tonic, but bad for the eyes. Theophrastus observed that there were several kinds of garlic and that it should be planted a little before or after the solstice, when it divides into cloves.

Bay trees as well as myrtle and rosemary were traditional plants in Roman gardens. D. 79. A small tree with smooth bark, olive-green or reddish, the bay's luxuriant evergreen leaves are alternate with short stalks, lanceolate, thick, smooth, and shining dark green. Flowers are small, yellow, and unisexual, and grow in small clusters. Ordinary soil conditions. A greenish-yellow volatile oil contains a high percentage of oxygenated compounds. Berries contain both fixed and volatile oils; the former, known as oil of bays, includes lauro stéarine, the ester oflauric acid.

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