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By Burton MacDonald, Randall W. Younker

This paintings is a presentation on a humans of Transjordan recognized to readers of the Bible as a neighbour, and infrequently an enemy, of first millennium B.C. Israel. issues contain a evaluate of archaeological learn in Ammon, the emergence of the Ammonites, and Ammonite territory and websites.

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In the imroduction to the J cphthah story (Judg 10:6- 12:7), the Ammonites are said to have "crushed and oppressed the [sraelilcs ... 3 This oppression extended north of the Jabbok to Jabesh-gilead (J udg 10: 17) which is generally associated with Wadi al-Yabis. 4 The Ammonites are, moreover, said to have "crossed the Jordan to fight against Judah and against Bcnjamin and against the house of Ephraim" (Judg 10:9). Finall y, according to I Sam 10:27I I: I I, Nahash, king of the Ammonites, oppressed the Gadites and the Reuben ites living beyond the Jordan and besieged Jabesh-gilead ( I Sam II: 1- 2).

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