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By A. Grzegorczyk

Recent years have noticeable the looks of many English-language hand­ books of common sense and various monographs on topical discoveries within the foundations of arithmetic. those courses at the foundations of arithmetic as an entire are relatively tough for the newcomers or refer the reader to different handbooks and diverse piecemeal contribu­ tions and in addition occasionally to principally conceived "mathematical fol­ klore" of unpublished effects. As specific from those, the current ebook is as effortless as attainable systematic exposition of the now classical leads to the rules of arithmetic. for this reason the booklet will be precious specially for these readers who are looking to have all of the proofs conducted in complete and all of the options defined intimately. during this experience the e-book is self-contained. The reader's skill to wager isn't really assumed, and the author's ambition used to be to lessen using such phrases as obtrusive and visible in proofs to a minimal. for the reason that the publication, it truly is believed, could be worthwhile in educating or studying the basis of arithmetic in these events during which the scholar can't discuss with a parallel lecture at the topic. this is often additionally the explanation that i don't insert within the booklet the final effects and the main modem and stylish ways to the topic, which doesn't enhance the fundamental wisdom in founda­ tions yet can discourage the newbie by means of their summary shape. A. G.

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Give another definition of the ordered pair using an equivalence relation of the form UE == ... where the right hand member of this equivalence contains only the constants V, /\, V, .... , ==, =, E, and variables. 2. Reformulate definition (40) without using the pair symbol side of the equivalence symbol. Use the result of exercise 1. 1\ . <>on the right 3. How many different subsets are there of a set containing n elements? ) Check it for 2, 3, 4 and give a general proof. 4. How many different ordered pairs are there in an n-element set?

The fact that a relation R holds of the pair x, y may not, therefore, be identified with its holding of the pair y, x. Now the symbol {x, y} is symmetric, {x, y} and {y, x} are one and the same set of two elements: {x, y} = {y, x}. To obtain a non-symmetric pair (x, y) it suffices to assume that: (36) If x =1= (37) (x,y) = {{x}, {x,y}}. y, then (x, y) (y, x), for we have (y,x) = {{y}, {y,x}}. Since {x, y} (38) =1= = {y, x}, hence (y, x) = {{y}, {x, y}}. By comparing (36) and (38) we can see that the sets (x, y) and (y, x) have one element in common, namely {x, y}, but the remaining element of (x, y) is different from the remaining element of (y, x), provided x =1= y.

Generally speaking, the number a· b is the number of the elements of the union of every such family X of disjoint sets for which X = a and for every U, if U E X, then fj = b. b) == Z e2A 1\ VX{X = a 1\ AU(U eX -+ fj = b) 1\ ZeqnumUX l\/\u,v(u,veX I\U # v)-+ tlllV = A)}. Strictly speaking, the cardinality function was defined only on sets X e 2A, whereas the family X belongs to 22A. However, instead of 42 7. CONSTRUCTION OF NATURAL NUMBERS speaking about the cardinality of the family X, one can speak about the cardinality of the set of representatives of the family.

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