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By Edwin Egede

This publication seeks to fill a niche within the current literature by way of studying the function of African States within the improvement and institution of the regime of the deep seabed past nationwide jurisdiction (the quarter) and the idea that of the typical background of Mankind.

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64 See the preamble of the LOSC 82 which says the states parties were inter alia: “Prompted by the desire to settle, in a spirit of mutual understanding and co-operation, all issues relating to the law of the sea and aware of the historic significance of this Convention as an important contribution to the maintenance of peace, justice and progress for all peoples of the world . . Conscious that the problems of ocean space are closely interrelated and need to be considered as a whole. ”. 65 The General Assembly by several Resolutions requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations to convene the UNCLOS III.

63–64. 138/34, text in DOALOS (1974), pp. 593–594. See also 10 ILM 215(1971). 58 DOALOS (1974), pp. 594–598. 138/79, ibid. pp. 601–604. See also 12 ILM 210(1973). 60 Doc. 62/631. UNCLOS III, Official Records, Vol. III, p. 3. This was a declaration by developing landlocked and other geographically disadvantaged States who meet in Kampala, Uganda. 61 See General Assembly Resolution 2340 (XXII) of 18 December 1967 and Rembe (1980), pp. 40–41. 62 See Rembe (1980), pp. 36–80. 63 On UNCLOS III, see generally Sebenius (1984); Oxman and Stevenson (1974), pp.

21–31; Koskenniemi and Lehto (1996), pp. 533–555. 46 See Report to the Plenary by the Chairman of the First Committee, Mr Paul Bamela Engo (United Republic of Cameroon), UNCLOS III, Official Record Vol. X, p. 18. 43 xxx Introduction This statement confirms the necessary role of politics in regime formation, norm creation and institutionalisation in respect of the Area. 47 In the real world, it is difficult to separate international law from international politics as the two are entwined. Consequently, the attempt to separate the disciplines of international law and international politics (or international relations) is, in this writer’s opinion, artificial.

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