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By Felix H. Savoie III, Larry D. Field, Richard K. N. Ryu

AANA complicated Arthroscopy: The Wrist and Elbow, by means of Felix H. Savoie, III, MD and Larry D. box, MD, is helping you make the simplest use of complex and rising, state of the art arthroscopic techniques for coping with a variety of wrist and elbow difficulties. foremost arthroscopic surgeons speak about disease-specific innovations, dealing with and warding off issues, and rehabilitation protocols…in print and on-line. 15 video clips display arthroscopic RH resection for post-traumatic arthritis, arthroscopic administration of ulnotriquetral abutment, arthroscopy and the administration of MC and phalangeal fractures, two-portal CTR: the Chow procedure, elbow PLICA arthroscopic débridement, and extra.

  • Access the absolutely searchable textual content, in addition to a video library of methods and hyperlinks to PubMed on-line at
  • Stay present via assurance of sizzling themes like Osteocapsular Arthroplasty of the Elbow; Elbow Fractures; Arthroscopic Excision of Dorsal Ganglion; Midcarpal Instability: Arthroscopic concepts; Acute Scaphoid Fractures in Nonunions; Carpal, Metacarpal, and Phalangeal Fractures; and Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel free up: Chow Technique.
  • Hone your abilities because of 15 movies of techniques—on Arthroscopic RH Resection for Post-Traumatic Arthritis, Arthroscopic administration of Ulnotriquetral Abutment, Arthroscopy and the administration of MC and Phalangeal Fractures, Two-Portal CTR: The Chow procedure, Elbow PLICA Arthroscopic Débridement, and more—performed via experts.
  • See arthroscopic surgical information in complete colour and comprehend nuances via interpretative drawings of technical details.
  • Optimize surgical effects and results with an emphasis on complex and rising arthroscopic thoughts, surgical counsel, and pearls.

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