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By Katharine Kerr

The realm of Deverry: an problematic tapestry of destiny, earlier lives, and unfathomable magic. With A Time Of Exile, Katharine Kerr opens new territory within the Deverry Saga, exploring the historical past of the Elcyion Lacar, the elves who inhabit the rustic west of Deverry. it's years because the half-elven Lord Rhodry took the throne of Aberwyn. whilst Rhodry's misplaced lover, Jill-now a robust wizard-comes to Aberyn and tells him it is time he permitted his elven historical past, Rhodry faces the main tough selection of his lifestyles. yet with Jill's support and that of a human wizard named Aderyn who has lived for years within the westlands, Rhodry starts off to appreciate how his existence is hooked up not only to his personal humans, yet to the Elcyion Lacar to boot. ultimately, future starts off to solve its secrets and techniques, revealing Aderyn's actual goal one of the elves-and the god' deeper layout at the back of Rhodry's twin history.

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If I talk like a madman, it’s because I’m mad all for the love of you. Haven’t I loved you for years? Have I ever looked at another woman in all that time? Haven’t I brought you gifts from down in Eldidd? Please, won’t you walk with me a little ways? Cal, the alardan’s full of prettier women than me. ” Calonderiel tossed his head, his violet eyes flashing with something like rage. ” “About as much as meat means to a deer, but I don’t like to see you unhappy. html Just seventy that year, Calonderiel was a handsome man, tall even for one of the People, towering a full head above her, his hair so pale it seemed white in the summer sun and his eyes as deep-set as a dark pool among shade trees.

About an hour’s ride on they reached a herd of some sixty horses on long tethers, among them the rich yellow-golds with silvery manes and tails so highly prized by Eldidd men. Just beyond the herds were the tents, along a stream and among the willow trees there. Each was a swirl and splash of bright color—animals, birds, leaves, tendrils—all intertwined but so solid and realistically painted that it seemed the birds would fly away. Out in the middle was a big cooking fire, where men and women both were working, cutting up lamb, stirring something in a big iron kettle.

Aderyn heard his name mentioned several times, and some of the folk openly stared at him. In a flood of laughter and talk, the men began to help them unsaddle their horses. Off to one side Aderyn noticed a young woman whose hair, as pale as silver, hung to her waist in two long braids. Her face was a perfect oval; her enormous eyes were as dark and gray as storm clouds; her mouth was as delicate as a child’s. When she walked over to speak to him, he felt his heart pounding like a dancing drum. “Aderyn?

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