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By Robert Baran, Ivan Bristow, Rodney P. R. Dawber, Ekart Haneke, Antonella Tosti

A useful diagnostic reduction for dermatologists and podiatrists. finished insurance of pathologies affecting the toe and finger nails is completed via complete dialogue, supported by way of broad use of colour images.

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It may progressively worsen, scar tissue eventually replacing the atrophic nail plate. 57 Congenital absence of nails. 58 Congenital absence of nails in the DOOR syndrome. 59 Micronychia in congenital ectodermal dysplasia. 60 Partial anonychia in the nail-patella syndrome. 61 Onychatrophy—ectodermal dysplasia. 62 Onychatrophy due to oral etretinate therapy. 63 Onychatrophy—acrosclerosis. 64 Onychatrophy and koilonychia in cicatricial pemphigoid. 65 Onychatrophy due to sarcoidosis with bone involvement.

23). Although these deformities may be associated with ingrowing nails, inflammatory oedema due to the constriction of the enclosed soft tissues is unusual. 24). 25) Eunuchoidism Hypopituitarism Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. 24 Dolichonychia (long nails). 25 Dolichonychia in Marfan’s syndrome. 34) the width of the nail plate (and the nail bed) is greater than the length. It may occur in isolation or in association with shortening of the terminal phalanx. This ‘racquet thumb’ is usually inherited as an autosomal dominant trait.

2) Occupational koilonychia is often associated with mild nail-plate surface abnormalities and nail plate discoloration. 12 Koilonychia—temporary type of early infancy. 13 Physiological koilonychia and thinning in the toe nails of a 3-monthold infant. 14 Severe congenital koilonychia. 15 Koilonychia in hereditary ectodermal dysplasia. 16 Congenital koilonychia associated with total leukonychia. g. 17 Transverse overcurvature showing the three subtypes: (a) pincer or trumpet nail; (b) tile-shaped nail; and (c) plicatured nail with sharply angled lateral margins.

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