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And even when the syntactic structure is supplied, clarity in the written language must sometimes be supplied typographically, as with italics and the like. Conventional English meter makes such typographical signals unnecessary, even in the case of wholly monosyllabic lines. Donne's line I So if I dréam I hâve you Í have yóu| the vertical strokes enclose a syntactic structure) is an example. Accent in dissyllables is either phonemic or nonphonemic. When it is phonemic it determines the part of speech the word is;

In all of these we can see varying degress of phonemic simplification of the morphemic facts: /Ortin/ instead of the morphemically scrupulous {three&ten}, /twen-ti/ for {twice- ten} and so on throughout. Francis® takes note of all of the important types of morphophonemic change. In some actual cases, the derived form is so remote from the zero form, in sound or meaning or both, the morphophonemic process so odd, that even after the zero form is given its connection with the derived form is hard to understand.

He learns, in addition, what has been called the PHONOTACTICS of the language;5 the potential, that is to say, which certain phones have for functioning in attack, sustention, and release in that language. In some language other than English there may be, for example, a phone somewhere between and in manner of articulation, but with ALL the phonotactic characteristics of ; the potentiality, that is, which it shares with English , to be pronounced continuously, or until the breath gives out.

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