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By Marc Van de Mieroop

This booklet provides a transparent, concise heritage of the intense multicultural civilizations of the traditional close to East. Bestselling narrative of the complicated heritage of the traditional close to EastAddresses political, social, and cultural developmentsContains in-depth dialogue of key texts and assets, together with the Bible and the Epic of GilgameshIncludes various maps, illustrations, and a range of close to japanese texts in translationIntegrates new examine, and significantly expands the publications to extra studying for this moment version

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What happened in Uruk itself is hard to discern. The monumental buildings that dominated the Eanna complex were razed and the entire area was leveled. On top, in level 111, a new set of buildings was constructed wherein were found numerous tablets, more elaborate than those in Uruk IV. Small finds of closely related tablets were found at Jemdet Nasr (ca. 150 tablets) and Uqair (ca. 35 tablets) in the north of Babylonia. Archaeologically, this period is called Jemdet Nasr after the site where its cultural assemblage was first found.

I1 received the rulership of Umma there. Into the boundary channel of Ningirsu and the boundary channel of Nanshe, the levee of Ningirsu - being at the edge of the Tigris and on the boundary of Girsu - the Namnundakigara of Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag, its water was diverted. Of the barley of Lagash he repaid only 3600 gur,. When Enmetena, ruler of Lagash, because of these channels sent men to 11, I1 the ruler of Umma, the one who steals fields, said in a hostile way: "The boundary channel of Ningirsu and the boundary channel of Nanshe are mine.

In a cache of precious items found at Mari, there was a bead inscribed with the name of Mesannepada, king of Ur: the group of objects was likely given by one king to the other. T h e ruler's wife at Lagash, Baranamtara, is known to have exchanged presents with her counterpart at Adab, and this was probably a common practice. Although the city-state characterized the political situation of the period, various processes of the centralization of power in larger territorial units were at work, due both to hostile and peaceful interactions between states.

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