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By Malcolm M. Willcock

People who find themselves in a position to learn Homer in Greek have plentiful recourse to commentaries, however the overwhelming majority who learn the Iliad in translation haven't been so good served—the many to be had translations include few, if any, notes. For those readers, Malcolm M. Willcock offers a line-by-line remark that explains the numerous authentic info, mythological allusions, and Homeric conventions pupil or common reader couldn't be anticipated to deliver to an preliminary come upon with the Iliad.

The notes, which continually relate to specific traces within the textual content, have as their major goal the easy, actual clarification of items the green reader will be not likely to have at his or her command (What is a hecatomb? who's Atreus' son?). moment, they improve an appreciation of the Iliad by means of illuminating epic variety, Homer's equipment of composition, the constitution of the paintings, and the characterization of the main heroes. The "Homeric Question," in regards to the starting place and authorship of the Iliad, can also be discussed.

Professor Willcock's observation is predicated on Richmond Lattimore's translation—regarded via many because the remarkable translation of the current generation—but it can be used profitably with different types to boot. This basically written remark, consisting of an outstanding opt for bibliography, will make one of many touchstones of Western literature obtainable to a much wider viewers.

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You ought to make only nice things, like this bird, this horse. ” “I thought it was my brother. If you painted them, it might be easier to tell. ” “No,” I said automatically, but it was an idea that had never entered my head. “I’ll bring paints tomorrow. ” And she was gone, before I had determined who or quite what she was, apart from one more intolerable intrusion of the world. I thought of gathering my friends together and moving on to a less frequented part of the forest, but that would have taken enormous effort.

It’s a tree, silly! ” We had come to the Bower that Dwelphorn Thooz had spoken of, a ring of graceful trees whose branches intertwined above a pool. I was reluctant to enter. The trees disturbed me, the smooth-skinned trees that neither she nor I could name. Whether I was upset by their unfamiliarity, or by some curiosity of their shapes or proportions or arrangement, I couldn’t say. I felt like a dog I once owned, who would gleefully charge a bear but sometimes tremble at the shadow of a passing cloud.

They closed on my wrist, but I was almost disappointed when they released it. “That’s right, test every assertion for yourself,” he said, thumping me on the back. ” * * * * I grew fond of the swollen tree in the Bower, whose deformity subtly altered and enlarged from week to week. It said nothing to me, but I felt almost at peace when I sat leaning against its trunk and listening to the meaningless prattle of its branches. I came and went stealthily, a trick I knew well. Wizard or not, my host never surprised me, though he once came close.

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