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Sometimes I feel like Johnny Depp,” he said. “Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing Las Vegas, this scene where he tries to hit these imaginary flies in the car. It’s better not to be to close to me when I feel like that. My body produces its own cocaine. In these moments I feel strong and proud and my mind doesn’t work a hundred percent okay. And I feel closely connected to the history of my people. The rich white highly educated Europeans. Once we were called Aryans but I don’t mean only them from these couple of years.

37 —I am, when I’m working. —What’s your real name? —Sofia. —I like the real one better. —But it doesn’t sell, she said. The shopkeeper was looking at Sofia who for him probably was Debby. I looked at the DVD again. —I have this one at home, she said with a smile, —in case you want to watch it. And she looked at the DVD I was holding. I apologized. She said, —Don’t worry, I have seen things far more dirty. There’s something for everybody. And I felt guilty and a bit stupid for making a wrong impression.

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