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Lifestyles is available in all shapes and types, and dwelling entities reside in every kind of habitats. There are seven features that each one existence kinds sharethe skill to maneuver, to experience, to breathe, to eat food, to develop, to breed, and to excrete waste topic. whole with annotated illustrations that make clear advanced constructions and lifestyles strategies, this quantity surveys the elements, features, and classifications of assorted dwelling issues and explores the evolution of existence ordinarily.

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The bottom of the tube is closed, but its top contains a mouth. Slender branches of the tube form tentacles that catch food and put it into the mouth. Great numbers of cells of many kinds form the bodies of such creatures as insects, fish, and mammals. Similar cells that work together make up tissues. Tissues that work together form organs. A dog’s heart, for example, is an organ composed of muscle tissue, nerve tissue, connective tissue, and covering tissue. Another kind of tissue, the blood, nourishes them.

A light receptor that makes an image, the eye has evolved independently more than two dozen times, not only in animals but in some of the lower organisms called protists. Apparently eyelike structures best solve the problem of visual recording. Spontaneous Generation Before the 16th century it was commonly believed that organisms such as flies and worms arose from mud or other nonliving substances. This idea is known as spontaneous generation. According to the theory, pieces of cheese and bread wrapped in rags and left in a dark corner were thought to produce mice, because after several weeks mice appeared in the rags.

All living things on Earth (which are all related) are structurally based on carbon and need water as a medium for chemical reactions. Hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur, oxygen, and other elements are also essential. However, if alien life-forms exist, they might be fundamentally different from any living thing on Earth. Such life-forms might be difficult to detect or even recognize as life. At a basic level, living things must be made of atoms that bond to form a variety of molecules at the temperatures in their environment.

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