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By J. V. Jones

Excessive experience at the SWORD fringe of DESTINY

As a child Ash March used to be abandoned--left for lifeless on the foot of a frozen mountain. came across and raised by way of the Penthero Iss, the strong Surlord of Spire Vanis, she has consistently identified she is various. bad goals plague her and occasionally within the darkness she hears dread voices from one other global. Iss watches her as she grows to womanhood, wanting to realize what powers his ward may possibly own. As his curiosity hastens, he sends his residing blade, Marafice Eye, to protect her evening and day.

Raif Sevrance, a tender guy of extended family Blackhail, additionally is aware he's diverse, with uncanny talents that distance him from the extended family. but if he and his brother live on an ambush that plunges the full Northern Territories into battle, he but seeks justice for his personal . . . whether capability he needs to forsake extended family and kin.

Ash and Raif needs to discover ways to grasp their powers and settle for their joint destiny in the event that they are to defeat an historic prophecy and stop the discharge of the natural evil often called the top Lords.

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She made a great show of grumbling to herself, pretending like there was some sort of malfunction. The eight Tempest Dahhak floated stupidly. She fired her weapon, cutting all eight in half with a single shot. They plummeted into the fire. She wondered briefly if she should do something about the humans. Just because they had been lucky so far didn't mean their good fortune would remain. If they survived the fire they had caused, they'd likely meet their demise some other way. This was an especially dangerous place.

Through the pain he felt the hot paths of blood against his nearly frozen skin, her strong paws digging at his jacket. It was his dream. It was really happening. But this wasn't the monster wolf. This was a dog. His dog. He fought desperately, confusion and fear dulling his reactions. The ice shattered, and they both plunged into the water. Carumba nimbly hopped out as he sunk over his head. He reached up and grabbed the edge of ice, but it broke off and stuck to the skin of his hand. The ice burned like he had touched a hot stove.

A dark, murderous idea formed in her mind. She was in charge of investigating the deaths of soldiers. She knew every excuse and explanation possible, and she was aware of what was and wasn't accepted as the truth by the Dominion. The story took shape. It had been a trap, an elaborate ruse. She wasn't set on by periscepter-wielding humans, but a wing of angels. A small one was rumored to be operating in this area. A whole wing was sizeable enough so she couldn't be blamed for losing the platoon, and it wasn't unbelievable.

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