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Martyr Dr.Mostafa Chamran Savehe way of life.

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For those who thirst for humanity 51 A “ t midnight, I like to pray to God in the mysterious silence between the sky and the Earth. I whisper to the stars, and I listen to the unspeakable secrets of the sky. I climb into the depths of galaxies slowly, and I disappear in the infinite universe. ” Not a new lifestyle 52 When someone shook hands with the doctor while staying one step back, everyone understood it was the first time that he had met the doctor. Then the doctor embraced him and kissed him several times.

It was reported that the doctor and his team were coming back along the river last night while they were laughing.

For those who thirst for humanity 45 For about a month, he was at the corps from morning to night. He planned to hit tanks at night and in the afternoon, he would lie down for an hour if there was no work. Not a new lifestyle 46 I had not seen him for three days and I was sent on a mission. In the afternoon, I returned to the garrison. He had turned black in the face, and his body trembled. I wanted to take him to a doctor, but he did not let me. ” After this, the doctor himself came with lots of candles.

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