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Content material: 1. American spoken right here -- English understood -- 2. Proverbs, slogans, and aphorisms -- three. renowned American expressions -- four. Proverbial commentaries -- five. Similes and metaphors indicating extremes -- 6. American slang and colloquialisms -- 7. British vs. American English (and vice versa) -- eight. around the globe English -- nine. international phrases and words often utilized in English -- 10. universal American felony phrases -- eleven. universal American scientific phrases -- 12. company colloquialisms, slang and acronyms -- thirteen. Acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms -- 14. Acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms within the computing device, web and communications industries -- 15. From the place do you hail? -- sixteen. For the logo minded

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From bad to worse. : Sp. Ir de Guatemala en guate-peor. } Do not (never) kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Do not risk the source of one’s wealth out of greed for more. Do not (never) kiss and tell. LT acceptable. Do not boast about private matters, sexual or otherwise. Do not (never) let the grass grow under your feet. Act quickly; do not waste time. (=) Never put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today. Do not (never) let the tail wag the dog. Do not let minor or unimportant matters control major, important ones; one should be fully aware of priorities.

A hedge between keeps friendships green. Familiarity breeds contempt. : Fr. C’est de la familiarité que naissent les plus tendres amitiés et les plus fortes haines. } Good husband makes a good wife, A. LT. Treat your wife well, and she will reciprocate. Good luck does not always repeat itself. LT. (=) One swallow doth not a summer make. : Ja. Yanagino shitano dojô. } Good reputation is more valuable than money, A. LT. Selfexplanatory. A good name is a valuable asset, harder to achieve than wealth or success.

Family relationships are stronger and more important than friendships, particularly in difficult situations. (• •) A near friend is better than a distant kinsman. (• •) Ja. Tsku no shinrui yori chikaku no tanin. } Boy’s best friend is his mother, A. LT. Self-explanatory. Boys will be boys. Males are prone to misbehavior, so why bother trying to change them? Often used lightly to excuse men and boys for behaving crudely or aggressively. (=) Nits will be lice. Brevity is the soul of wit. ) A brief, pithy comment is more likely to express an idea clearly.

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