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This objection, however, only defers our critique, splitting the issue into a debate, on one side, about the sources and functions of power, and on the other side, about the strategic importance of initial conditions and other context factors. In either case, however, we find that practicing managers (no less than military generals) remain quite unwilling to let go of the assumption that change can, to a certain extent, be anticipated and prepared for. 20 Everyday Strategic Preparedness only on changing dynamics in the ‘external’ environment and in the ‘internal’ organization, but also at the level of the ‘internal’ assessment of the relationships among those various dynamics.

2 Strategy 2 – optimize resources The optimization of existing resources is a second generic strategy that can be pursued by organizations in response 28 An extreme case illustration of the excessive (financial and moral) costs associated with the ‘silver bullet’ strategy can be found in the Manhattan Project. 42 Everyday Strategic Preparedness to the infinite need for preparedness. At a certain point (that is, approaching the limits of the possible), an organization cannot simply borrow more money, or conscript more labor, but instead must use the limited resources available to it more effectively.

Theme ϭ 29 (accessed on 11 October 2004). 18 The relative significance of these factors could of course vary widely and remain subject to interpretation. 001% chance that Al Qaeda will detonate a ‘suitcase nuke’ in a metropolitan center. In this sense, irrespective of whether the DHS security system registers orange today or yellow tomorrow, it remains open to question whether, in the words of the 9-11 Commission Report, ‘the system is [still] blinking red’ (254). The Problem in Practice 29 scale, attempts to assess the relative competitiveness of countries (as undertaken by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) and the World Economic Forum (WEF)) provide a means of informing the business community about various risk factors that might impact operations.

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