Interpersonal communication for negotiating

Sinapsis-Lab has drawn up an advanced communications programme aimed at dominating “non-verbal intelligence” in negotiations. A skill that will allows you to increase your capacity for comprehension and decipher what is really going on, regardless of what is actually being said, with the goal of accessing a superior level of influence and translating it into specific results. This training is particularly profitable for professionals that take part in high level negotiations.


Negotiators have to dominate their own body language, to be aware of what their gestures, their facial expression, their tone of voice are communicating. You need to take an in depth look at active listening and be capable of interpreting gestures, expressions, attitudes so that you can understand what other people are thinking or feeling.

There are hundreds of ways to say “no” without actually saying it out loud. Dominating “emotional intelligence” and being able to read and interpret body language will provide you with immense power during any negotiation. While it’s not a question of mind reading it does imply an ability to see beyond the barriers that your interlocutors try to erect and to read their feelings and adapt your negotiating strategy in consequence, so that you can keep one step ahead of their responses.

Being able to read which lines of persuasion are being resisted and which are getting through, in realtime, as well as where and when you need to push ahead or ease up, can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the results that you are looking for.

You will be able to detect a ploy or a bluff, which is like being able to see your opponent’s cards in a game of poker. When someone is lying their levels of stress increase, which has an affect on their attitude. And being able to pick up on anything that is out of the ordinary in a person’s conduct is the first tool for detecting an increase in their unease or level of stress.

Our programme will allow you to form a correct analysis of basic emotions, such as rage, anger or surprise, which are translated into unconscious facial micro-expressions, capable of revealing what a person is really feeling. Learning to recognise these micro-expressions is of the utmost utility in any negotiation.

Sinapsis-Lab takes full advantage of the latest technical advances in the analysis of unconscious facial micro-expressions, also known as facial coding, which allows a person’s emotional state to be interpreted on the basis of their involuntary facial movements.


The essential investigative techniques of Face Detection are based on Darwin’s early studies, which concluded that facial expressions were universal, even shared with animals. Paul Ekman (1972) confirmed the universality of 6 basic expressions, making popular the facial movement coding system (Facial Action Coding System – FACS), which is used for the description of facial expressions. This system has been employed on a large scale in different spheres, and even served as the basis for a popular television series, Lie to Me.

The programme includes:

  • Simulations of a range of different negotiating situations
  • Training with specific facial expression recognition and identification software.
  • Video-recorded simulations, allowing for subsequent viewing, analysis and feedback

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