Leadership Communication


All great communicators are also excellent active listeners and their domination of non-verbal communication allows them to interpret other people’s gestures, expressions, attitudes and concerns. “Non-verbal intelligence” requires increasing our capacity to comprehend and decipher what is going on, what people are trying to say to us, means gaining access to a higher level of influence, improving our capacity for empathy, generating trust and fine-tuning a negotiation. It is essential that a leader can dominate his/her own non-verbal language, becoming conscious at all times of what his/her body is communicating, regardless of what they are actually saying. Having control over yourself in order to influence others.

One of the distinctive features of a good leader is his/her capacity for personal communication. The ability to influence, motivate and convince is a fundamental part of being successful and achieving results.

Neurosciences have become a fundamental leadership and people management tool. A leader must know how to empathise with the people that he/she is leading, in order to obtain the best results.

Neurology attributes a fundamental role to the emotions, which activate the mechanisms that are the basis of inspiration, passion or enthusiasm, all of which are indispensable elements for leading people. In this sense you have to understand the meaning of emotional intelligence as something capable, at a personal level, of ensuring the full implication of people committed to unleashing their potential and achieving results.

The programme put together by Sinapsis-Lab includes:

  • Role playing sessions
  • A range of interpersonal communication situations
  • Video-recorded simulations, allowing for subsequent viewing, analysis and feedback

Feedback is generated by specific interpersonal communications analysis software. On completing the programme, each participant will receives their videos and an individualised report, indicating their strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement and critical factors.

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