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At Salesperson’s success is based on their skill at relating to customer, establishing a conversational tone and identifying the best solution for their needs.

It is essential to achieve a relational tone, one that is person-to-person rather than sales assistant-to-customer. In retailing the first interaction with the customer will often determine the success or failure of the sales process.

No thanks, I’m just looking”. To circumvent this typical situation, the trick is to avoid triggering a negative customer response. If the opening line by the sales assistant is, “Can I help you with anything?” most customers will respond with a, “No thanks”. In fact this is an automatic response used by customers to stop sales people in their tracks.

The Sinapsis-Lab programme reinforces interpersonal communications skills, allowing you to achieve a fluid relationship that will be translated into an increase in the sales conversions ratio as well as in the size of your average sale.


The goals:

• To develop and practice different conversation starters, the first interaction must be personal, rather than directly aimed at making a sale.

•To identify the customer’s psychology, how to interpret what customers are thinking, what they are interested in.

• Learning to ask the right question to identify customers’ needs and be able to recommend the best solution.

• To understand the meaning of their body language and understand what the customer’s non-verbal language is trying to get across: what they are looking at, where they pause, what gestures they are using and what those gestures mean.

• To use body language to connect with customer.

• The difference between empathy and sympathy.

• To use appropriate spoken language, that is understandable to the customer, avoiding technical jargon that shows expertise (if customers do not understand they may feel uncomfortable and the sales opportunity will be lost…).



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