B2B – training&coaching

Sinapsis-Lab is promoting a new focus on personal sales techniques, based on a capacity to establish empathy with the customer. What we are talking about here is a relational sales model that paves the way for the construction of stable and lasting links with customers.

Personal Communication and, specifically, the capacity to interact, connect and empathise with others are key processes in the type of relation that we establish with customers. When we are selling high value services or products our capacity as professionals to generate trust and credibility from the very first moment is a fundamental factor when it comes to increasing sales and ensuring customer loyalty.


The Sinapsis-Lab programme has been drawn up with a view to the specific needs of each individual organisation, combining group training sessions and individualised coaching, with step-by-step development of the relational sales model and the foundations of personal communication for the purpose of influencing, convincing and selling.

Professionals that have trained with this methodology have improved their results and obtained sales increases of up to 20%.

• Learn how to find out what potential buyers are thinking or feeling, even when they don’t put it into words.

• Discover the rational and emotional decision making process and how potential buyers “make their decisions”.

• Control and dominate your own communication, verbal and non-verbal, and be conscious of what you’re body language is communicating.

• Reinforce your communication skills in order to both increase empathy and generate trust and credibility, key factors for selling and ensuring loyalty.

• Increase sales by between 5 and 20%.


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