• Sinapsis-Lab is a consultancy that specialises in improving your sales turnover, capacity to influence and leadership. Our methodology is based on the application of the latest advances in neuroscience and interpersonal communication and in professional techniques for discovering the emotions of your consumers.


1Personal Communication skills and, specifically, the ability to interact, connect and empathise with others are key processes in the type of relationship that we establish with customers.

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2All great communicators are also excellent active listeners and their domination of non-verbal communication allows them to interpret other people’s gestures, expressions and concerns.

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Body Language


The first impression is produced in 7 seconds and 93% of the information we communicate depends on body language, it has nothing to do with what we say, mastering non-verbal communication is an asset for any professional.

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Influence, motivate and convince to be successful and get results

Non-verbal communication, the silent language